Migraine as a language of our body

Migraine is horrible, no doubt. We need to understand our body. As we understand our body more and more, Migraine becomes friendly more and more. After so many years of suffering, now, my relationship with Migraine has become FRIENDLY. Wondering how!!!???

After so many years of close observation of my own body, reading of many online blogs related to Ayurvedic texts, Ancient Indian Philosophical books, my understanding of Migraine has changed a lot. The beauty is Migraine has now become a language for my conversation with body.

Whenever I get Migraine symptoms, I know where I went wrong in understanding the requirements of body. Following steps need to be taken :

  1. immediately I accept the mistake and tell my body “I fully agree the mistake which has already happened, this will not repeat.” Mistakes are for example, not considering migraine triggers like wrong food, noise, sunlight, etc..
  2.  Not giving any kind of food (means no solid and no liquid food) dry fast till the migraine is fully cured and body asks for food. This is the greatest help one can do to their body. So that body can concentrate on correcting the damage wherever it might be. For example any digestive related fault, or any nervous system stimulation problem etc..
  3. Keeping the mind at peace. Not giving any kind of stress. Any unfinished work can wait. Once we are out of the Migraine problem, we can efficiently complete the work. “Nothing in this universe is greater than myself.”

Once the above 3 points are taken care, our body and mind initiate healing task. Gradually  Migraine symptoms take reducing phase. In this process of handling the Migraine no prescribed medicines are being used.

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